Another Bus Stop, and another car didn’t.

The electronic ink had hardly dried on the page on the post Bus stop but lorry didn’t when another vehicle has left the road, mounted the pavement and this time, luckily just stopped short of our one remaining bus stop. Ron Ower, our very active local Residents Association councillor, has been emailed and asked if there is anything the council can do about slowing vehicles down as the round the corner from the direction of the Kennels.

A photograph to the skid marks from this latest incident below:

2014-04-23 19.56.08Please note that subsequent to the original post a dear neighbour was a witness to the wipe-out of the bus stop and in fact it was a car, not a lorry. Even so, after attempts by a car, then a van, failed to extract it from the hedgerows, it was a passing tractor that had sufficient horsepower and traction to do the job.

Statistics gained from a recent Freedom of Information request on accidents on this bit of road can be found here although these are incomplete as it only includes accidents reported to the police, and if there are no injuries there is no legal requirement to inform them.

Let’s hope the council can address this issue and force vehicles to reduce speed before there is fatality on the spot.





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