When Green Is Not Green

Nowadays most people are convinced that the Man, his actions, and the emissions caused by his actions is causes climate-change. We all try not to accelerate so harshly when driving, we try to use our cars less, even cycle instead. We try to only put the amount of water we need in the kettle, turn off lights when we are not in the room, and keep our central heating turned down as low as possible. After all it saves money, so even if we are not all convinced on man-made climate change, we can all see the sense in spending less.

So when is green not green?

If you have read the August 2014 addition of The Bulletin, the Residents Association monthly newspaper, you may have noticed on the front page at the bottom on the right the heading  Urgent News – Solar Park. Application P0907.14 is for a Solar Park between Cranham Golf Club, St Mary’s Lane and the M25. The site is thought to be approximately 20 acres of undeveloped Green Field Green Belt Land. If this development is similar to that proposed in South Ockendon then the solar panels will be between 2 and 3 metres high and extremely imposing and unsightly.

There are many more appropriate sites for solar panels in the area that is brown field and that would not cast an ugly shadow over the green belt, Many houses in Upminster have solar panels on their roofs and just up the road to this proposed development on the site that locals will know as the site of D&G Cars and acres of brown field and roof space.

The plans and supporting documents can be found along with the link to make a comment on it here: P0907.14 Solar Park Application

Below is a plan from the application showing the field and the densely populated arrangement of solar panels.



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