Grave findings reveal skulduggery at the Old Rectory

We have held back on writing this post until the police enquiry and legal position of the case had been resolved, but we can now reveal that a local resident uncovered human remains at the Old Rectory while landscaping his garden. A skull had been found in a shallow grave and the police were notified.DSC_0009

The skull can be seen in the centre of the photograph

The police immediately cordoned off the crime scene with tape and posted a 24 hour guard on the site.


A police officer manages a smile at the scene of the grime find

Detectives were called in and in scenes reminiscent of CSI the forensic team got to work. The oldest residents of the area were interviewed to establish who the previous residents of the Old Rectory were and questions were asked over any missing persons known of from the area. Speculation that the skull was that of a child based on its size.

The skull was later sent off to Hawaii, USA where a specialist carbon dating team analysed the skull the results of which we can now be the first to publish on line.

The skull is in fact not that of a child but an older man, and is believed to date back to around 1490 to 1520. The police are not looking for any other suspects and no arrests have been made.


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