Kennels Development Barking Up the Wrong Tree

As widely predicted the latest proposals for the unsightly development of the Kennels site with a 22 prefabricated unit housing estate didn’t stand a dog’s chance of getting the green light to destroy the green belt,  we could all have done with some good news.

This decision is of course, subject to the applicant making an appeal, if she wishes to throw another £4080 of good money after bad to pay for the for the Mayor of London Community Infrastructure Levy along with any other costs that would be occurred, in trying to push the dog’s dinner of an application through.


One thought on “Kennels Development Barking Up the Wrong Tree

  1. If the spill out of London is as a result of them selling affordable house’s to millionaires don’t let them spoil the lovely area’s we’ve chosen to retire in . In London they have to sort out there own mess pushing average income worker’s into the ground shame on them. Build up in London as in New York upwards your only buying air space and not land.

    (published comments are not necessarily an endorsement of their content – the editor)

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