About.. North Ockendon

The growing website  aims to be all things North Ockendon.

People, Places, News and Events.

The site shall grown organically as people in the area contribute and as new topics and posts are added.

Estimates of how old North Ockendon is vary, with some sources suggesting it goes back to the bronze age. Some interesting archeology facts of the area can be found here. It’s most notable claims to fame are;

  • The flint-​​faced church of St Mary Magdalene dating from 1175 and retains elements from the 13th, 14th and 15th centuries.
  • It consists of the only part of London that lays outside the M25
  • William Coys, who lived at Stubbers in the early 17th Centrury introduced hops as an ingredient in beer.

North Ockendon is part of the Green Belt land of Essex and large parts of it are within a Conservation Area.

History of North Ockendon – includes census information

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