Dogs Are Not Just For Christmas

Notoriously dogs are abandoned in their droves during the post-Christmas period when the realities of keeping a dog as a pet dawn on people in the new year, but this Christmas period has brought some good news for at least some dogs.

The government in it’s uncommon wisdom has for a second and we hope final time refused permission for the Kennels site to be turned into a unsightly housing estate of low-rise low-quality chicken-hutch come houses. More details will be published as they become available, in the meantime, please raise an extra glass of Christmas Eggnog in celebration and cheer that at least the kennels dogs will not be made homeless.



I’m not going waste more words than I have to on this one. The applicant for the Kennels development is appealing to the Government Havering Council’s decision to refuse permission.

Please see previous post on objecting to an appeal here.

“Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”
Albert Einstein

Kennels Development Barking Up the Wrong Tree

As widely predicted the latest proposals for the unsightly development of the Kennels site with a 22 prefabricated unit housing estate didn’t stand a dog’s chance of getting the green light to destroy the green belt,  we could all have done with some good news.

This decision is of course, subject to the applicant making an appeal, if she wishes to throw another £4080 of good money after bad to pay for the for the Mayor of London Community Infrastructure Levy along with any other costs that would be occurred, in trying to push the dog’s dinner of an application through.

Biggest Threat to North Ockendon’s Green Belt Land

It seems that hardly a week goes by without someone looking for a quick and easy way to make big bucks out of green belt land without having the slightest care or consideration for those that live within in it. Soon after the Secretary of State turned down the Kennels housing estate for being wholly inappropriate development of the Green Belt there followed yet another application by the same applicant for the same site with even uglier and more cramped pre-fabricated buildings.

On the back of this Mr Markus Wierenga of Green Switch Developments Ltd has now submitted an appeal to the Secretary of State for development of a number of fields again on green belt land at Clay Tye Farm that was refused permission by Havering Council as being inappropriate development with no special reasons justifying development.

The term Solar Farm doesn’t sound unpleasant until you recognise the reality of what this application will do – destroy more of our green belt land. Although most of us understand the need to look for alternative energy sources to fossil fuels this application has nothing to do with trying to address climate change or be “green” it is to make money at the expense of the green belt again. There are alternatives galore to building on green field sites but if the developer gets permission it’s often a cheaper option for them as there is nothing on the site that needs to be cleared they just build. In this case the number of green fields under threat is colossal. The stated application size would be the same as 20 football pitches and would stretch for most of the length of Clay Tye Road. The farm would be visible to every property on the eastern side of the road.

The application details can be seen here depending on whether you can get access to Havering Council’s planning website:-


Please make your comments quoting reference APP/B5480/W/15/3007618 on the Government planning portal  ( or you can make comment by post sending 3 copies to:

The Planning Inspectorate
Room 3/10b
Temple Quay House
2, The Square

There is a helpful booklet on line under which may help you with any objection or comments you may wish to make on this application.


Plans for 22 new homes in North Ockendon called in by Havering councillor – Romford Recorder

A brief article after a chat with Ron Ower of the Residents Association about the latest attempt at obtaining planning permission for the Kennels Site. We were very pleased that the North Ockendon blog was also approached by the Romford Recorder! Fame at last.

You can read the article here: Romford Recorder Article

We will be adding a much more detailed account as soon as possible, but it is worth noting that the height of the “buildings” has been reduced by one metre. If you see crowds of Umpa Lumpa about they are probably hoping to get on the waiting list…..